Phishing difficulty rating system

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With the ever-growing library of phishing templates, we thought it best to help you identify which ones are more complex.


How has the difficulty rating system been designed?

Our cybersecurity experts use the following criteria to help you understand the difficulty rating system when building these phishing templates:

  • Does the phishing email mimic the processes or practices commonly found in a school?
  • Is the phishing email relevant and meaningful within a school context (or target audience)?
  • Does the phishing email seem familiar to students and staff because it is part of everyday school situations?
    For example, sending a Christmas-themed phishing email in March will have less impact than when sent in November or December.
  • Does the message create concern about the consequences of not taking action, which could prompt email recipients to act?
  • How well is the phishing email aligned with the school’s phishing awareness training?

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