Managing and Using Tags

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The Secure Schools platform allows you to create and apply tags to your users to organise and group them more easily. These tags can be used when assigning training, phishing, and policies. 

Creating tags

To create a new tag or manage an existing one, go to the Settings page and select the Manage tags option.

Settings Tags.png

You can review the existing tags you've created (we have several in our example below), along with the platform's default tags. To add a new tag, click on the + Add tag button 

Tags Overview.png

The pop-up window will allow you to:

  1. Select which organisations this tag will be used in.
  2. Set the name of the tag.
  3. Choose which colour the tag will have.

Add Tag.png

Assigning tags

To assign tags to your users, open the User management section of Settings. 

Settings User management.png

You will then see a list of your users.

User management.png

  1. Select the user or users you'd like to update by ticking on the left. 
  2. Click on the overflow menu ⋮ Bulk actions
  3. Select the Tag option.

Tag Bulk.png

Choose the tags to apply and select Save

Tag Bulk Select.png

Using tags

Once assigned, you can utilise tags to quickly assign training, phishing sims, or policies to each group. In the example below, after accessing the IT Acceptable Use Policy you can quickly assign this using tags by

  1. Selecting the ⋮ Tags menu
  2. Choosing the appropriate Tag.

Policy Tags.png

Then select Confirm to assign the policy. 

Tag Confirm.png

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