User permissions

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The Secure Schools platform supports multiple levels of user accounts. These allow you to tailor access to your needs and simplify administration. 

User levels

The following account levels are available in the Secure Schools platform:

Role Permissions


Full permissions for the organisation, able to assign module content, see reports, and progress
Admin A team member who can help manage the individual school account, schedule phishing simulations, and check the domain preference and priority email for staff but has limited delete permissions.
Reviewer Review training, phishing, and policies organisation-wide, but cannot edit or download them.
Billing Can access invoices associated with the account or individual school. 
User Can access their training and any policies that have been shared with them.


Managing users

In this section, you can review the email domains that have been imported for your users and prioritise them as you'd prefer

Settings User management.png

After clicking the User management option, you will see a list of your users.

User management.png

You can click on them individually and manage them directly or select them with the tick on the left and perform some actions in bulk.

Changing an individual user's permissions

To change an individual user's permissions, click on their name in the Users list. The User Overview screen will then open.

User K details.png

You would then select the dropdown under Role and choose the desired option.

User management role.png

Changing multiple users' permissions

To change multiple users' roles at the same time, you'd:

  1. Select the users by ticking them on the left.
  2. Click on the overflow menu
  3. Select Change role

User management bulk actions.png

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