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Before you get started with Google user syncing, you will need to make sure the following are in place:

  • The Google user you're using to sync must:
    • Have the ability to view users and groups
    • Exist as a user inside the platform to perform the sync
  • We recommend using a generic email address rather than a personal account for the syncing.


Setting up the user sync

To begin this process, navigate to Settings > Manage user sync > Import settings and select the Google tab.

When you click on Connect with Google, you'll be prompted to log in with the account you wish to sync with and accept the required permissions. Depending on your Microsoft tenancy, you may also need to approve the Secure Schools application. 


Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 10.35.58.png


Once your account has been connected, select the Organisational Unit (OU) you wish to sync with. Note that if you pick the parent-level OU, it will also pick up all the sub-OUs.


May-29-2024 08-32-40.gif


Your users will be pulled through once you have triggered your first sync. You can then view and manage them under the Manage user sync screen. 

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 08.40.28.png






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