Online Cyber Security Training

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To manage the training for your organisation, you will need Admin or Owner level account access. Contact your onsite team or the Secure Schools support team if you need help.

When signed in, move your cursor over the Online training icon (1) to reveal the options menu.

These options allow you to:

  1. Manage training
  2. Invite staff to training
  3. Check the training progress for all staff in your organisation
  4. Review your own training


Training 2310-1.png

1) Manage training

In Manage training, you can add, update, or switch off specific videos for your school, specific schools or the whole organisation.

Training 2310-2.png

An expiration time can be set to ensure retraining is automatically reissued. 

To change the training, click on the overflow (three dots) menu and select Edit.


Training 2310-3.png

You can then make the changes you'd like:

Training 2310-4.png

  1. Enable or switch off the training video
  2. Add or change the expiration frequency in months (3, 6, or 12)
  3. Add or update the deadline for users to complete the training

When you're happy with the changes, click Save

2) Invite staff to training

In the Manage training section, click on the three dots menu and select Manage users.

Training 2310-3a.png

On the Users screen, you can:

  1. Select or deselect all users from the training
  2. Select specific users
  3. Click Update to save your changes

Training 2310-7.png

3) Check on training progress

Selecting Check on training progress displays all courses across all organisations. To filter to a specific organisation, click on the filter icon and select the appropriate school.


Training 2310-12.png


Clicking on a course shows the user progress. Users who have completed the training will have an overflow (three dots) menu. From this, you can download their certificate or reissue the course to them to complete again. 


Training 2310-7a.png

4) Review your training

Here, you'll be able to look over your training progress. You can open and complete any pending training and review any completed. 


Training 2310-12a.png

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