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There have been three improvements to the policy builder. These allow you to assign policies to individuals, request that they sign the policy to demonstrate agreement and to share policies externally. 


1. Assign a policy

If a policy only applies to certain colleagues or new colleagues join, you can choose who the policy is sent to for their agreement. There are two ways to do this.

Click "Assign users" during the creation of the policy.


Or select "+Assign users" when reviewing the policy signing page.

Policy_Signing 1.png


2. Request signatures and track review

To support your assurance processes, you can ask those assigned a policy to sign it. Colleagues need to download the policy, click the acknowledgement box and add their names to demonstrate they agree to the policy.

As a platform administrator, you can see the following:

  • How many signatures have been requested.
  • How many policies have been viewed by staff.
  • How many staff have signed the policy.

These statistics can be viewed as totals or by individual staff.


3. Share policies with external people

You can share policies with people outside the Secure Schools platform. This could include visitors, governors, or long-term supply staff who must agree to the policies. 

Do this by clicking "+ Assign external users"

Policy_Signing 2.png  

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