Getting started with Secure Schools Phishing Simulations

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Why should we do phishing simulations?

Phishing simulations allow you to identify specific topics and teams that you can prioritise for additional cyber security awareness training. In addition, they encourage everyone in the organisation to recognise the importance of reviewing their emails before they take any action in them, including forwarding them or deleting them.


How to get the most out of phishing simulations

To get the best results, we would recommend using Phishing simulations as an opportunity to improve awareness and knowledge, not as a "test" that people can pass or fail. Creating a no-blame culture around these will ensure that everyone feels comfortable reporting issues they've encountered quickly and accurately, rather than attempting to hide them. 


Preparing your school or trust for phishing simulations

To best prepare your organisation, we'd recommend that everyone has recently completed training on Phishing, Social-engineering, or basic Cyber Security awareness. However, for the most accurate representation of the level of knowledge in your organisation, we'd also recommend leaving a period of at least 3-4 weeks since the last training was completed by the majority of the staff.


Preparing your school or trust's IT network for phishing simulations

In addition to preparing your team, you will also need to make sure that your organisation's IT systems are correctly configured to allow the simulation to run successfully. Depending on your email platform, the instructions will vary. More detail can be found in these articles:

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